It is widely used in service area of restaurant, hotel, café, hospital, bar, casino and so on. It consists of table button for guest use and signal receiver for waiter or waitress use. When the guest needs any service, he or she just press the button on the table, the table number will be showed on the RECEIVER of watch or display screen with “dingdong” sound or vibration. So the waiters could offer service very timely.

Wireless waiter call button system

Specification of display receiver K-336:

  1. With high strength aluminum alloy shell, durable in use
  2. Use digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable
  3. Show 3-digit number and can show 3 groups of number at the same time.
  4. Show different service type via letter (c for CALL; b for BILL; d for DRINK)
  5. It can work with 999pcs 1-key or multi-key call buttons in max
  6. It can save 30 calling info in turn, and apply in basic service places.
  7. Improve service level restaurant server for wireless calling system


Technical parameters:

  • Working voltage: DC12V~18V
  • Working current: <20mm
  • Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Size: 410*160*38mm

Specification of Button K-F3:

  • 100% Water-proof
  • Key button: Call; Cancel; Bill<20mm
  • Material: PC
  • Work with our receiver to combined the wireless calling system
  • Can be installed on each table, when the customer need help only press the button, the calling no will be shown on the screen, so everyone can easy to know who is calling.
  • Color: black-black; black-orange

Technical Parameter:

  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Working current: ≤35mA<20mm
  • Use Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Transmitted Power: ≤10mW
  • Transmitted Distance: >300m in open area
  • Dimension: 60*60*20mm


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